Wild Grass Resort kaziranga

Wild Grass is perhaps the best wildlife resort property in India. 
It is situated in Kaziranga proper, amidst a setting of a traditional rural Assamese landscapecomprising of village houses, bamboo groves, paddy fields and tea gardens. It is an attractive rural-style hotel with its extensive grounds having more than 40 species of full-grown trees and over 200 species of tropical climbers, creepers and shrubs. Over two hundred species of birds have been recorded in the vicinity of the lodge. The property is highly recommended by most of the updated international guidebooks.
The Staff of Wild Grass are all from Kaziranga, and the surrounding villages. With the combination of local knowledge and academic expertise, it now boasts of its host of in-house naturalists and field guides, who are best suited to orient travelers in protected area visitation.
It is the ideal place to relax when traveling in northeastern India and with its gardens, thelandscape setting and cultural interpretation.
Wild Grass plays an integral part in facilitating wilderness area visitation to the traveler. This is done with the help of our host of in-house naturalists and field guides, who are best suited to orient a visitor in both wildlife and cultural spheres. 
Wild Grass organizes all aspects of travel to the Park, and this includes hiring of vehicles, forest entry permits and guides, so that our guests can concentrate on wildlife activity. Our guides and drivers (who have worked with international wildlife film crews, ornithologists and botanists) constantly go into the Park and are best informed about recent sightings and whereabouts. They help all our guests to plan their activities.
A visit to Kaziranga National Park enables one to experience the wetland ecosystem with its tall wet grassland and giant plant-eating animals - megaherbivores such as the Rhino and Asian Elephant. The adaptation of various endemic birds and mammals to this unique and constantly changing ecosystem can be witnessed. With over 490 species being recorded in the Park, Kaziranga is an ideal place for bird watching.
The frequent and prolonged sightings of animals such as the Rhino, Wild Buffalo, Swamp Deer and Elephant give fantastic opportunities to the photographer. The lush landscape, which remains green throughout the year, is an ideal backdrop.
A visit to surrounding villages is also a part of the cultural experience. A visitor can go to a traditional Assamese village and experience, not just see, the way people live in our culture, a culture that has coped and survived in the host environment. The best way to do this is through our staff, who are from the community. Weaving and rearing of silk, paddy cultivation and harvesting, performances of traditional dramas and arts are among the various facets of cultural life. The ethnographic landscape is varied with the presence of tribes such as the Misings and Karbis.
It is also an ideal place to do serious studies in culture and social anthropology.
Tea gardens nearby are ideal for someone who wants to know how this popular beverage is actually grown and manufactured. A walk around the plantations with our experts (who happened to have worked in the tea industry before) can be a revealing experience.
Wild Grass Resort Wild Grass Resort Wild Grass Resort Wild Grass Resort Wild Grass Resort
Wild Grass Resort  
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