The Peerless Inn

Located right in the heart of Kolkata, The Peerless Inn is one of the best known hotels in the city. Setting a tradition in Bengali hospitality, the hotel offers a dedicated service and the staff does well to keep you comfortable. Offering over a 120 rooms and suites, the hotel offers everything luxurious and opulent. With the best possible amenities, the hotel is sure to keep you comfortable. All the rooms and suites come with entertainment options and ensure that the guests are kept well entertained. The centralized location of the hotel keeps it within easy reach from the airport and railway station and also the major commercial areas in the city. Aheli is a fine Bengali restaurant present on site while the Bichitra is a multi-cuisine one. The Nishidin is a round-the-clock coffee shop and Lahari bar a good place for cocktails and fruit punches.

The Peerless Inn The Peerless Inn The Peerless Inn The Peerless Inn The Peerless Inn
The Peerless Inn The Peerless Inn
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