Pelling or paymeyangste, the land lies with Mt. Khangchendzonga and also known as the Hallmark land of eastern Himalaya. state in India. You have the opportunity for full day Excursion trip to Pemayangtse Monastery, built in 17th. Century, it is one of the oldest and most important monasteries of the Nyingmapa order of Buddhism in Sikkim also visit  Khecheopalri Lake & Shingshore Suspension Bridge is worth seeing – length & gorge height is 680 ft. It is the second highest bridge in Asia. This area also has its Khandu Sangphu or Hot Springs and Cave. Also Visit water falls

Bagdogra top Pelling distance 135 kms and takes around 6 hours
Pelling to Gangtok distance 
 125 kms and takes around 5 hours
Pelling to Darjeeling distance 
125 kms and takes around 5 hours

Pleaces to see in and around Pelling
Pelling - Its vicinity has numerous waterfalls, soft trek routes and soothing atmosphere for all discerning. At an altitude of 6,800 ft, Spectacular close up views of Mt. Khanchendzonga and her subordinate peaks is the major highlight of this location. A full day guided sightseeing of Pelling town including Kecheopari Lake, Kanchendzonga and Changey waterfalls Pemayangtse monastery ,Sing shore Bridge and much more. Local tour are arranged from Pelling, Places to visit are Pemayangtse Gompa, Ruins of Robdentse, Tashiding Monastery and Sanga Choling Monastery

Yuksom - 35 kilometers from Pemayangtse is the trail for those intending to trek to Dzongri. It is a very peaceful village surrounded by cardamom plantations. This was the first capital of Sikkim, where according to the historical records; the first Chogyal of the kingdom of Sikkim was sanctified in 1641 AD. by three learned Lamas. Yuksom is served by roads from Pemayangtse which is at a distance of 32 kilometers. Two of the famous trek starts from here.

Sanga Choling Monastery – This monastery as usual is located in isolation, higher up on the next ridge above Pelling, Sanga Choling, one of Sikkim’s oldest monasteries which were built in 1697 stands calm and serene atop a dense forested hill. A fascinating tourist destination and is generally covered from Pelling.

Singshore Bridge / Uttarey - The highest bridge in Sikkim about 25 kilometers from Pemayangtse. About 20 minutes drive is Uttarey a base camp of Adventure Tourism for Singalila range trail. The place is worth visiting.
Khanchendzonga Water-fall - About an hour drive from Pelling is Khanchendzonga Water fall. Do not miss to see it. It is a treat to photographer and tourist alike. Nice and soothing. It's cool, placid water along with the scenic beauty is worth watching.

Rabdentse Ruins – This was the second capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Sikkim after Yuksom and till the year 1814 AD, the king of Sikkim had ruled the state from this place. The ruins lie hidden from the main road close to the Pemayangtse monastery. The scenic view from the top of the ruin scanning across deep valley to the mystic heights of Khanchendzonga ranges is something to be cherished this remains etched in memory for long.

Kecheopari Lake – This is considered as one of the sacred lakes of this state. The lake remains hidden in the rich forest cover along with a monastery. It is believed that the birds do not permit even a single leaf to float on the lake surface. For those interested in spending a night or two in the peaceful environment we will provides comfortable stay providing a taste of local cuisine which may include 'chang' a brew made of fermented millet.
Hee Bermiok and– It’s an exotic village adjoining Singalila range in the Soreng sub – division of West Sikkim. Unparalleled natural beauty complimented by Rhododendron wildlife sanctuary is otherwise a rich storehouse of rare flora and fauna. Awe – inspiring Kanchendzonga looming large over the horizon will be rewarding.


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