Lily Sarovar Porti

Lily Sarovar Portico is one hotel in Nashik that allows its guests the luxury of staying in perfect comfort and being easily connected to the major areas in the town. Its convenient access to places like the railway station, the industrial areas and other important locations gives an edge to the business travelers who stay here. The easy location is also an advantage for the leisure tourist as it makes it easy for them to start their tours in the city and around. All the 42 rooms and suites here give the best of facilities to make for a perfectly luxurious stay. Refreshment needs of the guests are taken good care of. Giving guests the option of dining within the comforts of a dining room or enjoying an al fresco meal under the skies, Lily Sarovar Portico guarantees a pleasant dining experience here. They even have a wide and good collection of various beverages too. When at Sarovar Portico, expect the most extraordinary.

Lily Sarovar Porti Lily Sarovar Porti Lily Sarovar Porti Lily Sarovar Porti Lily Sarovar Porti
Lily Sarovar Porti Lily Sarovar Porti Lily Sarovar Porti
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