Ayurveda Treatment in India:  

India is one of the most mystical places in the world and is home to many religious and medicinal practices and methods. Kerala, in particular, is very popular for its various ayurveda activities wherein people get to soothe their minds and bodies. Tourists should try some of the ayurveda products or a massage to experience the traditional approach and also relieve stress during their vacation. Here is an overview of ayurveda in Kerala.
About Ayurveda:
Ayurveda comes from the two Sanskrit terms “ayu” meaning life and “veda” meaning knowledge. Basically, practitioners and experts aim to experience and fully know the meaning of life through the methods. According to ancient teachers, life is made up of four important elements: the body, mind, soul and senses. Today, ayurveda is widely practiced throughout India and in different places around the globe, featuring a holistic medicine setup with a unique model. The goal is to boost overall health and mental wellness of individuals.
There are things involved for success and effectiveness of the method such as adjusting the lifestyle of people and knowing the different forces that can affect nature and humans, also known as the Tridoshas. There is a very powerful relationship between the body and mind that people should master to achieve full health. Ayurveda in Kerala has been practiced for thousands of years and there are more than 60 known preparations a
nd methods. Tourists will be given a brief introduction on the history and methods and also experience the stress-eliminating techniques whether they go for a single session or more.
Experience Ayurveda in Kerala:
There are a number of ayurveda resorts and clinics in Kerala that boast offering the very same methods and therapies done thousands of years ago. People can spend time at the beach and get an ayurvedic massage at the same time. there are also private rejuvenation and physical therapy courses that will help get rid of mental stress and muscle aches and pains. Some of the resorts that are frequented by tourists in Kerala include the Ashtamudi ayurveda resort in Kollam and Aquaserene ayurveda resort. Keraleeyam Heritage Home and Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort feature some of the best experts in the world and many treatments depending on the particular ailment. There are five-star resorts and beach destinations in the area depending on the preference and budget of visitors.
Some of the things to expect during ayurveda sessions include the application of natural and aromatizing oils and scents. People might also be asked to drink special teas and rare herbs taken straight from the valleys and forests surrounding the area. Many conditions and ailments have successfully been treated by Kerala ayurvedic treatments like obesity, headache or migraine, paralysis, arthritis, muscle spasms, skin problems, sinusitis and signs of aging. The methods used will differ depending on the particular system or body part affected. Some people also try one or more branches of ayurveda treatment in Kerala to improve fertility, systemic or internal disorders and psychological health. Sessions can last anywhere between 30 minutes to several hours.

Type of Ayurveda Treatment in India:
Dhanyamla dhara
Yoni prakshalanam 
Sandhi vatha chikilsa


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